Our Pastor

Our pastor is Laven Shunmugam. Click here for his biography.

The Session

Our form of church government is largely based on the Presbyterian system of church government and is conducted through the Session (also called the Church Council). The Session is the ruling body within the local church and consists of minister(s) and elders. These men are voted into office by the congregation to serve a three year term. During that term they meet regularly to make the decisions on behalf of the members. This work is carried out in accordance with a set of guidelines known as the ‘Church order’ of the Christian Reformed Churches of Australia. Session meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month. The time and date are announced in the weekly church bulletin. Correspondence and matters to be dealt with should be addressed to the Session Clerk.

The Diaconate

This is also an ordained ministry. The deacons, men and women, are voted in by the congregation to serve a three year term. The deacons are involved in the ministry of mercy to the sick and needy inside and outside the congregation.